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NFCU Auto Loan for Post DC BK 13


NFCU Auto Loan for Post DC BK 13

I'm looking for info on getting an auto loan post BK CH 13 with NFCU.  I tried looking thru old threads but couldn't find the following :


1) Which CRA do they use?

2) Is there a firm requirement to have 6 mos post discharge before they approve?


We are about to receive our discharge in about 20-30 days (rough estimate).  Currently our credit scores are high 600s - low 700s BEFORE full discharge, so I expect to see a small/modest bounce post DC.  We didn't have an account with NFCU, so I'm hoping this might help us as well.  I opened a savings account with NFCU nearly 30 days ago so hopefully that helps as well.

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Re: NFCU Auto Loan for Post DC BK 13

I can't answer question 2 but I'm in Virginia and they pull Equifax for everything! I can't say the same thing about other states. Before filing Ch 7 in January, I had NFCU LOC (2015), 2 CC's (2016), and an auto loan I obtained in 2014 (car was paid off in 2016). They pulled Equifax each time and also for any CLI request on the CC's. Good luck to you!
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Re: NFCU Auto Loan for Post DC BK 13

@ BKSurvivor Congratulations!!   Looks like you’re finishing your BK with awesome scores.

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Re: NFCU Auto Loan for Post DC BK 13

I know someone who was able to get an auto loan from NFCU, while in Chapter 13 (with 4 payments remaining) without a hitch. No co-signer, no request for trustee approval. 670s EQ score. I'm not suggesting anyone go that route. Just telling what I know.

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