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NFCU Co-owner


NFCU Co-owner

I am a co-owner on my adult (18yo and 20yo) children's accounts at NFCU. I have been trying to have myself removed as a co-owner before I file, but NFCU seems to be dragging their feet. It has been nearly two weeks since I submitted the required form. My personal checking and savings accounts currently have $0 balances and my credit card is in arrears. I owe them about $18K and my past due payment amount is about $600. Could this be the reason for the hold-up? I know my accounts are dead as soon as I file, but will they tap into my kids' accounts to try to recoup the loss if I am not removed as a co-owner before I file? I have a signing appointment with my attorney later this week. 

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Re: NFCU Co-owner

If you are co-owner...I would say yes, but Id need a few others to come on here and comment as well. I believe one person was in that boat in a "joint" account, with NFCU and filing. Ill see if I can't find that thread....

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