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NFCU OR Discover iT Secured

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***UPDATE Re: NFCU OR Discover iT Secured

7th statement cut for my discover card a couple days ago. Logged in this morning and guess what?!?! They GRADUATED ME!!! Haven’t received the official email yet....but they changed my credit limit! I pretty much used the card all month and for the most part PIF. I think only once I only paid the minimum, but later in the month after the statement cut, I paid it in full. The limit is low but I’ll take it! Super excited. Tried to increase the limit to double dip, but they said no. Either way, I’m super excited. Still waiting for my NFCU to graduate. I pay that one in full every single month. Literally every month my report up dates, at least for the last few months, it reports 0. I’m currently in the garden. Hoping to buy a house this fall. I closed my high interest card a month ago and only rocking with my NFCU, Merrick, and Discover at the moment. Store cards are idle. I barely use them.
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Re: ***UPDATE Re: NFCU OR Discover iT Secured

Congrats!  I had similiar success with Discover IT secured(but think I was 12-13 months when graduated) and had graduated @ 6 months I believe it was with NFCU secured.


I did apply for an unsecured cashrewards card with NFCU at my 91/3 mark(little after that actually) and was rewarded with a 15k SL, so if interested, that may be worth exploring after your 91/3 mark with NFCU even with your card secured.

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Re: ***UPDATE Re: NFCU OR Discover iT Secured

Hi What in the name of God's green earth is a 91/3 mark?



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Re: ***UPDATE Re: NFCU OR Discover iT Secured
2017-09-09 FICO 08: EQ 677, TU 640, EX 705
2019-04-05 FICO 08: TU 730
2019-04-21 FICO 08: EX 748
Gardening again until... soon(I need to replace my car)
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