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NFCU and Pay and Retain

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NFCU and Pay and Retain

I had a car loan through NFCU that was discharged in 2019. I opted to Pay & Retain instead of Reaffirming. 


So for those of you wondering, YES, Navy does Pay & Retain, but they will tow the car away if you don't pay.


I wasn't paying the car on a regular basis, and Navy Charged-Off the car in March 2020. I continued to make payments intermittenly, but not regulary. As soon as the Covid-19 moratorium was lifted, they towed the car away. 


The car is only valued at less than $4000 ( I owed $15,000), which I didn't think would be worth their time and money, but apparently it is. 


...just thought the community should know this. ♥





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