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NFCU secured card

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Re: NFCU secured card

special111 wrote:

Gypsy5326 wrote:

I agree with this-it's how I re-started.  Did the $500 secured loan to fund the $500 secured card.  Two reporting lines of credit and it payed off in spades.  Good luck to you! 

I just want to make sure I understand how the secured loan funded secured card exactly? 

put $500 in savings

open $500 secured loan

bank gives you $500 loan check

deposit $500 loan check

use that $500 to fund secured CC

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Re: NFCU secured card

Thats it! 

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Re-stablished with a $500 NFCU secured loan that funded a $500 NFCU secured CC .
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Re: NFCU secured card

How do I get a Secured Card? We don't have a NFCU near us.

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Re: NFCU secured card

You can apply for membership online as well as apply for the credit card.
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