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Navy Fed removed my secure card


Navy Fed removed my secure card

Good evening all. I haven't been on in a very long time. I applied for and was approved for a navy fed secure card after a fall from credit grace.

I was planning on rebuliding after ruining my credit again. I gained first premier, mission lane, and navy fed secured card. Had navy fed for maybe 2 mo. Ended up filling bankruptcy 10/8/20. 341 meeting scheduled for mid november. Logged on my Navy account and saw that they removed my secure card. My question is can anything be done about it?  Will first premier and mission lane close my account as well? I've always enjoyed this site. It helped me with my rebuild last time. Unfortunately due to some mistakes on my part and some not i'm back looking to rebuild again. Thanks in advance. P.S. i forgot to add first premier, mission lane and navy fed were not included in BK. All had zero balances.



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Re: Navy Fed removed my secure card

Even if these cards were not "included in bankruptcy" all creditors should have access to PACER (and other sources like credit bureaus, etc) to be informed of your BK filing. Most creditors, when receiving this information, close your account. The good news is since you didn't cause NFCU a loss, you should be able to get back in with most cases, as long as your security deposit isn't a large amount, you'll get that back directly from the creditor(s). In some cases, they (the creditor) will be forced to turn it over to the bankruptcy trustee.


You can read on and find how some people have credit cards that have "survived" a BK filing, especially when having a $0 balance at time of filing, but they're still a creditor when you filed.


Nevertheless, best of luck in your rebuild!

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