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Navy Federal Credit Union

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Re: Navy Federal Credit Union

Maybe, but that's depending on if you're in a community property state and things like that.  You will have to get direct answers from an attorney I think.

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Re: Navy Federal Credit Union

jackg wrote:

Do not think they will offer you new a new credit card or LOC after filing CH 7 BK. First of all you can't reopen a closed account, secondly, you're high risk with low FICO scores & a PR on your credit report. Would you offer credit to you?

Your debt HAS been wiped out but if you decide to pay them money you'll only extend the DOLA thus delaying when the TL will drop off your report.

It's not the date of DOLA that determines when an account falls off, it is the DOFD (date of first delinquency) and this can never be changed unless you bring the account current and then again go into another deficiency.  Then the latest deficiency becomes the new DOFD, but if the account never becomes current again, and the DOFD mysteriously changes, that is called re-aging of the account.  There is a section in the FCRA that spells this out and the creditors know they are not supposed to do this.


The DOLA is date of last activity....meaning the last time some activity occurred on the account.

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