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Navy Federal Post Chapter 7

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Navy Federal Post Chapter 7

Hello Forum,


I had a question about post chapter 7 BK. I was discharged in July of 2016. I had NFCU which is a great bank.Unfortunatley had to add them to the discharge, burned for around 10k. I have been with US bank ever since and they are ok. I received a letter about my savings with NFCU about end of the year dividen so I decided to log onto my account online. I noticed the saving acount was still active and I saw the option to apply for a new Checking, I was just curious but today I received my check card and activated it, I am pretty happy about that. My concern is if i decide to switch my direct deposit to my NFCU checking will NFCU out of the blue decide to start taking money for the disharged debt from before the chapter 7. I wouldn't mind paying them back for my debt but i am still recovery mode from the Chapter 7 and cannot pay that kind of money right now. Would you consider it safe to use NFCU checking for my direct deposit. 


Thank you 

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Re: Navy Federal Post Chapter 7

Welcome to the forums! Glad you joined


They would not be allowed to "collect on a discharged debt". That is illegal Smiley Happy  I would call NFCU and just simply ask them if you will have all features with the new checking and if any complications will come.

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Re: Navy Federal Post Chapter 7

Hi Scupra, 


That sounds like great information, thank you so much for the quick reply. Now that I have MyFico I have a place for all my post BK questions. I will certainly follow your advice and update the post. Thanks again. 

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