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Need help rebuilding credit after erroneous bankruptcy ruined me...any advice is appreciated

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hometowntman wrote:

Hello All,


New to the forum and would like to first say that the information found here is invaluable and helps so many people.  Thanks to all who contribute with honesty and factual information.


Bankruptcy was dismissed in 1/2015.  My goals is to get back to 750 credit score and be able to invest in real estate in a couple of years.  My TU is 668 and EQ is 684 as of yesterday.  I have car loan with $5500 left on it and will be paid off this year. $2500 Visa from credit union/0 bal. $3500 Visa from Cap One/ $2300 bal. I also have a $1000 LOC with credit union/0 balance.  I am AU on my wife's Amex $10k/0 bal. and I am AU on her Cap One $7k/$100 bal.  What should be my next steps to achieve a 750 credit score??  Any advise is greatly appreciated.



There is a BIG difference between an erroneous bankruptcy  and a dismissed bankruptcy


It is quite simply:  erroneous Vs. dismissed





containing or characterized by error :  mistaken erroneous assumptions gave an erroneous impression





  1. 1 :  to permit or cause to leave *  dismiss the visitors  * Class is dismissed.

  2. 2 :  to remove from position or service :  discharge  * dismissed the thievish servant

  3. 3:   a:  to reject serious consideration of  *  dismissed the thought  b: law :  to put out of judicial consideration :  refuse to hear or hear further in court  * dismiss all charges  * This case is dismissed.


* I (myself) had a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


I had it because I "filed" for Bankruptcy


It was Discharged by the Court because  I  PAID in FULL   (after 11 months)



Best Wishes on your Rebuild!!!!


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Re: Need help rebuilding credit after erroneous bankruptcy ruined me...any advice is appreciated

The attorneys office should have filed a motion to vacate the bankruptcy. If he didn't, I would demand it.

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