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Need help with credit report newly discharged

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Need help with credit report newly discharged

Hi I need help....I just got discharged chapter 7 last week,I am checking my credit report from my fico  and it saying that are showing chapter 7 bankruptcy but under older derogatory events it shows I am 90 days late wth the date 03/2018..and then shows 58% payment history,   I have never missed a payment I paid they up until I filed on 03/06/18.. Also I have some accts under payment its debt included in discharge and under worst delinquency it say charged off/other derog,  I had no bad accts prior to bankruptcy,  I filed due to an old judgement that I blew off and 20 years later they got with garnishment,, Also I have some accts with - instead of 0.      Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Need help with credit report newly discharged

Hi , I'm doing the same right now , and they are getting removed would you believe ! Mine stated 14 late ,And just like you I had no lates before I filed bankruptcy . I went first to Experian  and sent all debts there a dispute and they removed all lates Stating in the remark column "Included in bankruptcy/never late" ! one by one you have to file a dispute ,takes time but I feel its working . Good luck to you just take your time Smiley Wink

This is what I sent to each debt in comment ---> My Bankruptcy was filed in court in March 2018 I am protected under federal law.Please remove late payments for this account for March and April 2018.
History for all my debts have always been on time.Thanks



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