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Negative reporting post bk7

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Negative reporting post bk7

I need some advice.


I was a coborrower on a personal loan through Equitable Finance. I included them in my chapter 7 bankruptcy that was discharged on 03/15/16. They are now reporting me as 30 days late since it seems the other borrower has stopped paying them. I though that since they were included in the BK, my liability for the debt was null and they shouldn't be reporting the PD payments on my CR. How should I handle this. I have already attempted to contact them. Was given the "Please hold..." and then transferred. Promised a call back that never happened. Should I trying calling them back? They are part of an active dispute on how they are showing on my EQ and EX. Will that fix the reporting once it's updated? I included the certificate of notice, schedule of creditors, and my discharge letter in the disputes. I want to start my rebuild after my BK as strong as I can and this reporting seems to be roadblocking that for now.

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