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New poster, old lurker ch7 filed 1/5

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New poster, old lurker ch7 filed 1/5

As in the title I am a new poster but long time lurker.  DH and I just filed ch7 on 1/5/22 so I will use this post to journal progress during and after.   We are both disabled vets, currently reside in AZ.  We are vastly over median filers and own our home here.  Our 341 is on 2/7 by telephone.  I know normally it should be no big deal but I am nervous since we are well above median AND our mortgage company filed a notice to appear which I assume means they will attend the meeting.  We aren't surrending anything & our exemptions covered everything

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Re: New poster, old lurker ch7 filed 1/5

Firstly, thank you for your service. 👍

Not sure why your mortgage lender wants to appear at the 341. Have you ever been late on the mortgage? If not, not sure I would be TOO worried about it. So long as you keep making your payments, I doubt they would do anything negative. I guess you could ask your lawyer what they think about it and if they have had mortgage lenders want to appear before like that with no real reason. But as long as your lawyer isn't worried about anything, then I wouldn't worry too much either.
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Re: New poster, old lurker ch7 filed 1/5

Hi, welcome and thank you both for your service.

Who did or are on your list of creditors that you are about to bankrupt?

Navy Federal credit union is one option. its cheap to open a savings account, i started with 15 bucks.

They are open to active military and vets with an honorable discharge, 

NFCU has a secured card you might start with after your bk dc.

The other credit union that favors vets is Penfed, they are cheap to join but dont have a secured card but they are fairly bk friendly, ymmv. I know if you are a vet you are automatically enrolled in honors advantage which with some of their cc's pumps your cash back rewards rate from 1.5 pct to 2 pct

anyway,, good luck with your future ventures

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Re: New poster, old lurker ch7 filed 1/5e

NFCU is not an option, burned them 10 yrs ago in a chapter 13(dismissed).  I'm not yet too worried about rebuilding after as I have a pretty good plan for that I think & when that time arrives I will be posting here

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