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Newly discharged - questions

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Newly discharged - questions

My BK was discharged on 01/30/20 but when I pull my report on Credit Karma all my old accounts still appear. They do have comments that it was included in BK. My question is, are they ever going to be gone from my report or will they always show on my CR but with BK commmets (under closed)?



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Re: Newly discharged - questions

Welcome Ajmmm2020,


I could be wrong, but I think those are supposed to drop off 7 years after first late payment ( or BK filing, if no late payments ).


Hopefully another member will be along to confirm. 



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Re: Newly discharged - questions

There have been reports that some people see old IIB accounts gone with the wind. But they act like any other closed account. They will fall off from the DoFD at 7 yrs. If they all fell off creditors would be saying why did they file BK? Smiley Happy

Congrats on your new beginings!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Newly discharged - questions

I wasn't that lucky with mine either.  None disappeared but Discover reports as "unknown" payment history which I read doesn't hurt you so I'm going to leave it alone, and I disputed one loan that wasn't reporting as IIB and now all the negatives vanished off of it.  I wish some would simply disappear though.  After 7 years they will fall off just like any other debt.

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