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Next Steps?


Next Steps?

I'm recently discharged from BK13 (April 4, 2017) and am in the process of rebuilding credit.  I've had an OpenSky Secured Card for about the last 10 months.  Just this week I was approved for a Discover IT Secured and opened it with a $200 deposit.  I was also just approved and am awaiting my new Capital One Unsecured QuickSilver One card with a $3k limit.  Two weeks ago we received an auto loan from Huntington Bank for around $37k @ 5.5%.


Open Accounts:

OpenSky Secured $300

Discover IT Secured $200

Capital One QS1 Unsecured $3,000

Auto Loan (Huntington) $37,000


My FICO scores are as follows:


Experian 601

Transunion 568

Equifax 659


My question is, what are my next steps?  Do I need to look into opening any more accounts or do I just sit back, keep my utilization low, make my payments and wait?  If I should open other accounts, why type of accounts should I be looking at?  If not, how long do I need to sit back and wait before trying for other cards?


This whole rebuilding thing is brand new to me so any input would be appreciated!!

April 2017 - Experian 601, Equifax 659, Transunion 568
May 1, 2017 - Experian 601, Equifax 659, Transunion 588
June 1, 2017 Experian 638, Equifax 661, Transunion 582
November 1, 2017 Experian 664, Equifax 667, Transunion 666
January 26, 2018 Experian 678, Equifax 655, Transunion 653
March 14, 2018 Experian 674, Equifax 654, Transunion 654
April 14, 2018 Experian 674, Equifax 676, Transunion 652

BK 13 discharged 4/4/17

Cards - Cap One Venture $5.5k, Discover IT Chrome $5,000, NFCU Sig Cash Rewards $5k, Wayfair $6900, Pottery Barn $750, Home Depot $3500, Amex BCE $500, Amex Delta $1600, Lowe's $5000, Amazon Prime Store $3500, Old Navy $1900 plus a couple other small retail cards.
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