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Off To a Great Start!

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Off To a Great Start!

BK was just discharged a few days ago (yay!) Decided to go ahead and check the prequal site for Captial One and saw that I was prequaled for the Platinum and the Quicksilver. 


Experian app shows my FICO 8 at 540 (got some work to do!) Decided to just pull the trigger since every thing points to the prequal being very solid.


Approved for 1k!


Some data points for everyone:

They were IIB for around 7K but date of first deliquency was early 2017. They even filed a lawsuit for one of the accounts and the other I was paying off directly to Cap1 up until a few weeks before filing (of course stopped due to knowing that I would be filing).


So... off to a great start! No need for a predatory card as I see it. Going to toss a monthly expense on this card (probably Netflix and my iCloud sub) and lock the card up in the safe! Going to roll with this for about 6 months I think before trying for another card to let more of the hard inquiry damage age from when I was just trying to stay a float. Would like to get Khol's just for the coupons and of course would love to get back in with Discover. 


My end game is new house in 4 years, foot in the door with Amex after the bankruptcy shock wears off for them (never had a card with them) and my dream card, the Chase Disney card.


Thanks for all the amazing advice I've gotten from this forum and I will be updating because I find that if I have an outlet to discuss finances, I do much better with them!


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Re: Off To a Great Start!

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