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One year out of my ch. 13!

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One year out of my ch. 13!

Today is the anniversary of my discharge from my 60-month chapter 13.  It feels great to be back in the world of credit, but even better that I have learned so much about being responsible with credit thanks to this forum.  There is life after bankruptcy.  I don't consider my self conpletely free from my bankruptcy jail until I can qualify for a conventional mortgage, which is ONE year from today.  All my baddies fall off in the next 6 months, maybe earlier with early exclusion.  It is very exciting.  I just want any of you in a tough chapter 13 to know that you can do it!  I paid $2700/ month for 60 months.... it was terrible, but it's done.  Good luck to you all...

Discharged Ch.13 6/24/15
Scores on discharge EQ669 TU650 EX654
current scores EQ776 TU775 EX758
WF $2500 WF $3000 Discover $6000 Target $1200 Amazon $5000 Jcrew $5250 Lowes $8300 Tjmaxx $5000 Cap1 $14750 venture $25500 jetBlue $21000 pier1 $5000 Amex $10000x2 AMEX $21,000 BoA$8000 CitiDC$8000

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Re: One year out of my ch. 13!

Congrats and great job on your progress! I love that you have a goal in mind of getting a house and you're following it! Keep it up
Filed BK7: 7/2012 (start score EQ 560 / TU 529) Discharge 10/2012
759 EQ FICO 03/2021
754 TU FICO 03/2021
743 EX FICO 03/2021
$29k NFCU Platinum | $30k NFCU cashRewards Sig | $15k NavChek | $7.1k Cap1 Quicksilver | $10k Amazon Store | $19k Cap1 VentureOne | $16k Barclay Aviator | $5k Chase Freedom | $5k Chase Sapphire Preferred | $9k Costco Visa | $20k AMEX BCE | AMEX Gold
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