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PNC credit card after bankuptcy?

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PNC credit card after bankuptcy?


Does anyone have a PNC credit card?  I was discharged from chapter 7 in Sept 2018.  Today creditkarma says i have "very good odds" of approval for a PNC credit card.  My first time ever seeing "very good odds."  Even capital one quicksilver one only says "fairly good odds."

Just wanted to know if this might be true from others' experience before I apply and get an inquiry added to my credit report.


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Re: PNC credit card after bankuptcy?

I have one, but unfortunately I do not know their BK policy. I do know that they are fairly conservative with the UW and seem to be more generous if there is a previous banking relationship.

Credit Karma’s suggestions are essentially just marketing. The approval odds that they list should not be considered overly accurate.
Personal Credit -
AMEX: Platinum, Gold, Green, Blue Cash Preferred
PNC: Cash Rewards, Points
BOA: Cash Rewards
NFCU: Flagship Rewards, Cash Rewards, CLOC
PSECU: Founders
BB&T: Spectrum Cash Rewards
CapOne: Quicksilver
Discover: IT Chrome, IT
Synchrony: PayPal 2%, PayPal Credit
Barclays: Uber
PenFed: Power Cash Rewards, Platinum Rewards
Alliant: Visa Signature
Goldman Sachs: Apple Card
BBVA: Clear Points
FNBO: Rewards
Store Cards: Target, Macy’s

Business Credit-
AMEX: Delta Gold, Amazon Prime, Simply Cash Plus
PNC: Visa Business
Synchrony: Lowes
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Re: PNC credit card after bankuptcy?

Never seen a PNC approval after BK. PNC isnt talked about much on here as it is. Like the poster above. Please ignore CK. They say I can get the AMEX cash magnet and all kinds of top notch cards. With a BK? Yeah right. Thanks for joining. Ask away on any moves you want to know about rebuilding. Many are here to help!

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Re: PNC credit card after bankuptcy?



I have banked at PNC since my bankruptcy was discharged in February 2012.  They are extremely conservative and not BK friendly like NFCU is, but they will work with you. I got a secured Visa the day I opened my checking account and closed it 6 months later when my other secured Visa graduated and I got 2 other unsecured cards.  


At the 3 year mark, I was approved for a car loan at I think at 3.99, but I called the bank and was able to get the loan at 1.99%.  A month later, I was approved for the cash builder card.  In December last year, I got the cash rewards cards.  


I hope this helps.



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Re: PNC credit card after bankuptcy?

PNC is the one bank I used to want to have a relationship with, but I could never get them to approve me for a checking, but yet I've have an account with Chase and have had one with BoA as well that I recently closed.  

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