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Paying cell phone during chapter 7?

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Paying cell phone during chapter 7?

We are current on our bill however it would be good to get a 2 month relief since we are on verizon on a family plan of 5. 


I couldn't find any information on the web about this particular scenario. Can I stop paying the cell phone bill while in Chapter 7? Will Verizon cut off the service?

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Re: Paying cell phone during chapter 7?

I've been in Chapter 7 since May and have continued to pay my cellphone bill.  I'm quite certain Verizon will discontinue your service without the monthly bill having been paid.

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Re: Paying cell phone during chapter 7?

You dont want to mess with Verizon. You'll get cut off. They're no different than a utility bill. You got to pay monthly just like electricity, water, ect. BK is for debts owed being DC'ed. Your cell phone bill was part of the monthly expenses figured into your BK. Sorry.

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Re: Paying cell phone during chapter 7?

Pay it to keep service. As a side note, if you have any device payment plans, Verizon tends to wave them and convert to contract only for the remainder of what the payment plan months would be. So your bill should go down.

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