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Plan bases and totals?

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Plan bases and totals?

Hello can anyone help me with this? I have paid more into my plan base than what it calls for, and my trustee shows a balance on hand. So what does this all mean, national data center shows my case is about to close. I have overpaid my base plan by a 120 dollars, but the total paid to all creditors does not match my plan base amount. The trustee did my last disbursement on the 27th, and with the balance on hand the plan would be overpaid. Are they gonna keep taking payroll deductions from me even though I have paid the total amount that the plan calls for? Me and my wife would like to go on vacation in the first week of august, and I'm kinda relying on them to stop taking payroll deductions, considering they are taking a considerable amount that I can use for the vacation. Please help me understand all this.

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Re: Plan bases and totals?

Anything overpaid will be refunded to you, but I would not count on it by a certain date. When is your last payment (payroll deduction due)? They will continue to withdraw from payroll until notified by the trustee to stop. If you believe your plan should be complete, contact your attorney and see if anything needs to be filed.
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