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Planning For Recovery

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Re: Planning For Recovery

chasmith wrote:

Adding my thought to those of shold44...



If you discharged CapOne you may not be able to get even a secured card from them.  That was my experience, what was frustrating was that that they approved me then denied me after receiving my deposit.  (HSBC did the same thing).  There are other options.


Unique620 wrote:


CapOne is definitely YMMV. I discharged a credit card with CapOne in 2011 and was approved for Capitol Platinum unsecured in June 2012  and a week later decided I would do a secured card as well. This was 8 months post discharge.


Had  2 HSBC credit cards IIB as well. I tried HSBC and was declined in January 2012. I later found out that one of the HSBC accounts were in system as collections and not included in BK.  Filed a bbb complaint because it was on report as well, and wasn't getting no were with HSBC by phone or with certified mail. Capital One executive office called me and fix it. 


I am glad Credit One has the pre-qualifier. They did a soft pulled and also denied me because they were IIB. Saved me a hard pull.

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Re: Planning For Recovery

When you say Apple you mean Barclays as well correct?..

I ask because I have never had an Apple credit card but Barclays was included in my BK :/
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Re: Planning For Recovery

The Barclays Apple card you mentioned is what I am talking about.

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