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Please help What was your income to your debt?

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Re: Please help What was your income to your debt?

I try to move to another city but the toll and gas will make up the difference between where I live and moving ,plus I live in a safe city with good school for my son, 3 minutes from school my wife and I jobs .
5 minutes from park and entrainment.

As far as food I make a buget to see if I can save 200 .

Any good apps to manage and buget the money
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Re: Please help What was your income to your debt?

Highly recommend watching The Dave Ramsey Show and Til Debt Do Us Part on Youtube. Both are great at basic money management and how to get out of debt. Dave would tell you to dump those car payments by selling your cars. Getting a car for cash and doing a debt snowball to get debt free.

I use puppy wireless for my cell service. I own my iPhone and pay 29$ a month for my service. There are many prepaid carriers you can use to lower that cell bill. No reason to pay over 30$ a month. Puppy uses Verizon towers so my service is excellent.

Join a personal finance forum on Reddit or just read the forums to educate yourself on smart money management.

You have a great income which is awesome. You should be able to dig your way out of this with some lifestyle changes. Best wishes to you.
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Re: Please help What was your income to your debt?

I am no expert on BK, but you make to much for a 7 especially with your expense so that leaves you with a possible 13..  Obviously you don't need cable your cell bills can be cut down to less than a 100 a month, food can be cut down etc.  Cars are fairly high payments as well if in trouble not sure how what you owe on those left, etc... alot of fat to be cut and can dig yourself out and as other mention uber or side jobs for you/wife.   Best of luck.

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Re: Please help What was your income to your debt?

I use mint to budget and track expenses.

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