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Portfolio Recovery -- Comenity Bank

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Portfolio Recovery -- Comenity Bank

I filed a Chapter 7 in December 2018, my 341 Meeting is on Wednesday (January 30th).


I thought the automatic stay was in place since the date I filed? I'm wondering then why Capital One is continuing to update my accounts as  90 days late, and just yesterday I get a notification that they reported me 120 days late. Also, 8 NEW Portfolio Recovery collection accounts were added to my credit reports today, the notes say they're collecting for Comenity Bank....ALL of those accounts were included in my petition. I never had any collections on my reports BEFORE I filed, now all of a sudden 8 pop-up??!

Is this legal?

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Re: Portfolio Recovery -- Comenity Bank

no,  its not legal at all. No lender can update your reports PAST your FILE date, period. Also, nothing "new"/ negative can be added to your reports by anyone ON ANY OF YOUR PAST DEBTS,  PAST FILE DATE. I would have your attorney draft up a letter to all of them, stating your filing of a BK7, and they are in violation, etc..

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Re: Portfolio Recovery -- Comenity Bank

It is not legal at all. You can follow the recommendations of the member above me, or I would also dispute them notifiying them that you filed bankruptcy, and legally they can no longer touch you.



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