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Possible to remove tradeline?


Possible to remove tradeline?

My chapter 7 BK was discharged about 1 year ago.


At the time of filing my lawyer had me include a Bank of America card on the petition. I'm only an authorized user on this card and not the primary account holder.


Is it possible to dispute the tradeline and have it removed from my report? I'm thinking by doing this I can get rid of the late payment records and improve my score somewhat.



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Re: Possible to remove tradeline?

The simplest way is to contact the primary card holder and ask them to remove you as an authorized user. If for whatever reason you cannot, you can dispute with the credit bureaus. Dsipute and select "belongs to primary account holder". That is what it is called on EX.

TU has similar options. EQ you will have to select "other" and explain you were not the primary account holder. Good luck.

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