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Post BK CH7 (update)

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Re: Post BK CH7 (update)

@Anonymous wrote:
I've been following this amazing forum prior to my BK. My BK CH7 was discharged 12/28/15. As of today, here's my rebuild:

* Open Sky (secured) $300 11/15 (open) 07/16 (closed)

* USAA Visa (secured) $1k 11/15 (open)

* USAA Amex (secured) $1k 12/15 (open)

* Merrick Bank Visa $700 02/16 (open)

* NFCU Visa $500 02/16 (open)

* NFCU Visa $500 03/16 (open)

* Cabelas Visa $1500 03/16 (open)

* Barclays Visa $1500 04/16 (open)

EQ 649
TU 638
EX 650

Do you think my score will drop if I close both USAA accounts? They have a yearly fee. All my CC are at zero balance.

Is your second navy card $500 or $5000? I kinda read on one of ur posts that u did get a NFCU visa signature.. 

Starting Score: MYFICO 12/30/15 -TU: 481, EQ:561, EX:532 - BK7 DISCHARGED 12/2015 - Current: 09/01/2016 TU:642 EQ: 651 EX: 646
NFCU cashRewards:$6200 QS:$1500 Merrick:$1200 Cabelas:$1000 SonyVisa: $500 JCrew:$850 Overstock:$850 Express: $1050 PaypalCredit:$2150 NAVCHECK:$10K
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Re: Post BK CH7 (update)

$500 for both and just approved for a CLOC (5k).
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Re: Post BK CH7 (update)

Great work on the rebuild STG!!


Smiley Happy

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Re: Post BK CH7 (update)

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