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Post Bankruptcy Banking

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Post Bankruptcy Banking

My spouse and I filed Chapter 7 in 2004. We have continued to bank at USAA after the bankruptcy and maintain our auto ins through them. They told us early on that we could not open any new accounts with them due to the bankruptcy but that we could maintain our original accounts and that we could always have our car ins with them.

Not suddenly, after four+ years they have frozen us out of our online banking access and told us it's against their policy to allow online banking if you've filed bankruptcy.

We received no notification of this policy or change in policy. We have always used online banking with them both before and after the bankruptcy.

Do we have any recourse other then changing banks? I've asked for a supervisor to return my call but no one has responded. 

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Re: Post Bankruptcy Banking

when you filed bankruptcy sometimes creditorsown  different accounts that you have and didnt include them. it happened to me i didnt think that would happen with insurance. i kept my checking and savings and never even mentioned them when filing and i didnt have anything but those accounts with my bank.


i know the accounts you claim but maybe decide to reaffirm and/or pay they usually remove the account from on line access. I dont know why they do that but they do nonetheless.


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Re: Post Bankruptcy Banking

I am glad you posted this as I am also a USAA member. I am filing chapter 13 and dont intend to include them in the filing for the credit card.  I would prefer they lower my interest rate so I would have an incentive not to include them.  In fact, I just e-mailed them and told them I am filing and asked them if they would re-consider lowering my interest rate.  What a bad move telling them my chess move.  I hope they don't retaliate.  Keep us posted on your online banking situation. 


Did you include them in your filing?


I don't see what your online access has to do with the bk filing.   I would go all the way to the top for answers.  Call them, leave messages, write letters, file a complaint with BBB.  Where is their servicemember focus? 

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Re: Post Bankruptcy Banking

Yes, I included them. I had a credit card with them and was advised that if I excluded one I'd have no grounds to include th others. They did call me when they received the notification and offered to waive payments for six months and/or lower interest if I recall correctly.

What really frustrated me is that they made this change to online banking almost 5 years after the fact and didn't notify me in advance so I would have the opportunity to make other arrangements.

We have not closed our USAA bank accounts and are keeping our ins. accounts only until our remaining 2 years our up.

Good luck.  

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