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Post Bankruptcy affect on score over time

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Post Bankruptcy affect on score over time

I filed Chapter 13 Nov/2013 and my discharge was in June/2016.

Since then my rebuild has gone well but I seemed to have hit a wall.

I think it is partly due to opening 7 CCs and 2 Auto loans since discharge which is affecting my AAoA. 

Currently showing 2 hard inquiries on each CRA's report.

My scores have not really changed over the last 8 months. All of the new accounts are over 1 year old except for 2 CCs.

I have always posted >5% uti and only let 1 CC post a balance. The auto loans are at 8% and 80% uti.

I know the affect of BK on my score diminishes over time but I'm wondering if anyone knows if it is month-month or by period (quarterly/annually, etc...)?


Chapter-13 filed 11/13 discharged 06/16
Starting MyFico Scores 09/16 - (EQ 630 | TU 581 | EX 592)
Current Scores 9/2021 - (EQ 805| TU 791 | EX 775)

Total CL 172+k

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Re: Post Bankruptcy affect on score over time

It’s more with BK and without BK 😀

I haven’t seen any noticeable difference by year, but I’ve read about nice jumps when they are removed. 

Maybe someone else can add data points. 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Post Bankruptcy affect on score over time

My interpretation of it is that your scores will eventually plateau right around 700 until the BK falls off.

Ch 7 Discharge May 2015
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3.25% mortgage July 2020, $20k used Auto Loan October 2020, $20k PenFed Personal Loan Dec 2020
687/683/673 EX/EQ/TU w/ 5/6/6 INQs as of Jan 2021
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Re: Post Bankruptcy affect on score over time

You won't see any significant increase in your score solely because your BK is aging. But if you clean up your report and get all your derogs removed, you could see a 90pt increase the day that the BK drops off. That's about how much my EQ jumped when they removed my BK13 and my report was otherwise spotless by then.

Began 5/17/17
EQ 621
TU 577
EX 608

Current FICO 8
EQ 767
TU 775
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