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Post Discharge Anxiety?

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Re: Post Discharge Anxiety?

sarge12 wrote:

GReed1911 wrote:

my DC was 2 days ago. I viewed all 3 CB reports earlier today and they show as discharged there.


Right now I'm going to sit on my hands for a few days.

As I think I stated (or maybe that was another post) that I was able to do the SCT for a store that I know I wont use much. I bought my wife a pair of heels and as soon as they send me the information for how to pay the card I'm going to pay it off (200 CL...spent 63).

Next week I am going to start car shopping as well as trying to find a credit builder loan that doesnt require the money up front. Once I do that, I'll garden for about 3-4 months and see what happens

You will be OK...Bk can be overwhelming, but it is meant to be a fresh start! It may be hard to believe, but I do not think I would have ever learned how to deal with my finances without it. I know yours was due to medical where mine was just due to not being very responsible. BK was a big wakeup call for me. It does take time, but your scores will be decent before you know it!!!

By the way....63.00 is over 30% utilization. Utilization has a large, but very temporary effect on credit score. You might want to pay that way down before the statement cuts to prevent a credit score drop. Once you get a bit more credit the utilization will be easier.

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Re: Post Discharge Anxiety?

JMO and advise from my lawyer was. Dont apply for anything at least for 90 days after DC. I waited just over 90 days and started with C1's Plat Card @ 2000. He said many clients get antsy and start going crazy before and right after DC. Creditors dont like it too much. Shows desparation. Sit back and chill. Enjoy the freedom of being debt free and no more 10 calls a day from people harrsing you for payments for now. I can aswer all my calls for a year/ No more fear. Then Slowly start to rebuild. Just look at my stats below. I was itching SO bad to pull the trigger too.

My posts are JMHO. I DO NOT claim to be a FICO expert. Just sharing my experiences from rebuild to recovery. It can be done!
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Re: Post Discharge Anxiety?

GReed1911 wrote:

I have a serious question...


since joining this forum a few weeks ago I can honestly say i've learned alot. So far i've taken my knowledge and helped my wife re-finance her vehicle.


After I hit the 60 day mark since my 341 meeting I began to get a bit antsy about my credit.

I have not yet signed up and paid for the 3B Fico Scores but I will next week. CK scores I know arent accurate but I use it weekly as a ruler of where I am and it's still pretty crappy.

Today my discharge is effective and to make matters worse I am home from work due to a recent surgery so not being busy makes my mind wander even more.


Has anyone else gone thru this feeling?

I'm 29 but I cannot remember a time ever having good credit. In college I incurred medical expenses and it pretty much went downhill from there. I long for the experience of a 750+ credit score and credit cards totaling $15,000 in available credit. I know it's a marathon not a sprint but right now i'm on the track, in the blocks, and I just want to start!


My lawyer sent me something today that she sends all her clients on DC day and in the email it states not to apply for credit until the case closes (7-10 days).

Hardheaded me tried anyway just because I am so ready to rebuild.

I serve in the military so I have a pretty good income, my credit just stinks.

Tried the Cap1 pre-qual and nothing came up. Went thru CK and its suggestions and applied for a CAP 1 QS One card AND secured card (Both denied - I burned cap 1 for about $1000).

Tried the credit one pre-qual, nothing came back for me so I didnt apply.

I've been trying the shopping cart trick half the day and nothing is coming up for me.


Any advice to ease this anxiety would be great.

I know I was just discharged today so maybe I need to give it some time for systems to update etc. Not to sound like a broken record but I really just want to get this process started. 

I've seen some one the forum say they've applied and gotten things same day or same week as DC. I know all situations are different.


Anyone else been thru this? Any advice?

I'm not going to try applying for anything else. My biggest fear however is being complacent and NOT REBUILDING.


Hi, GReed. I don't know your situation or the details of what got you to BK, but I can tell you I waited 6 months post-discharge to apply for new credit. And when I did I was instantly approved for CreditOne, and then I tried for Cap1 Platinum and got approved for a $3000 SL instantly. I think the 6 months helped me exorcise some bad habits that developed, like using my cards when I didn't have money to pay cash for something. Then some bouts where my husband was unemployed during the lousy economy a few years ago and some medical bills got us on a downward spiral that ended in BK. One income and medical started it, but we didn't restrain our spending on luxury and want items. Then we got to a point where I would free up money on the cards when I paid the bills, but then had to use them again to buy food. We got to a state of insolvency. After BK, the 6 months taught me how to discern between necessities and wants, and to be quite honest I really didn't feel like apping at first.


As you can see from my sig, the 6 months didn't hurt me or set me back. I'm sorry I don't have my scores at the time of BK but, since I only had FAKOs at that time, I didn't think it would be useful. I can tell you they were in the 500s, though. I think it is definitely okay, and sometimes very beneficial, to wait. Smiley Happy

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Re: Post Discharge Anxiety?

GReed1911 wrote:

thanks for all the POSITIVE posts!


Case actually closed I feel lost lol

Allow me to add my 2 cents here.  Bk is different for everyone and each of us handles it in our own way. I'm thankful that others express their journey so that we can all benefit from each others experiences.  For me it was a bad investment choice on a condo. I know some on these forums feel shame and depression because of BK... I know that I did. I got over my head trying to buy a home with no money down on a market where weeks after I bought it  the value of my home started to plummet.  My parachute was to be able to sell the place in a sellers market and to able to at least break even.  That I found out was a pipe dream.

I tried everything to get myself out of this problem even to the point of cashing in savings and retirement.  I lay awake at night figuring out how to make mortgage payments and then about cash advances on credit cards with courtesy checks and 0% interest periods. Finally I hit a brick wall and at that time I was out of my mind with anxiety.

I can't tell you how much relief I felt on the day of my DC!! And since then, I've proceeded with caution.  It's easy and I mean easy to get caught up in the credit card world again.

Many on these forums have advice setting up a rainy day account where if you lose your job or other money problems happen, you will have at least 6 months saved up to pay on outstanding credit card balances.  Good luck on your journey and remember al the good things in life we have to look forward to!!


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Re: Post Discharge Anxiety?



my scores are in my sig.

Using the SCT, I was able to get 2 store cards (from plus size women stores and my wife is a size 2 lol).

On one I bought a pair of shoes (200 limit, shoes were 65) but she hated them. I returned them right before my statement cut so its back to 0. The other store card I bought her some socks (another 200 limit, socks were 9 bucks).


I was denied by everyone I sought for a car loan from, was denied for a few cards that I tried for earlier in the process. I have a credit builder loan currently as well.

Slow progress but something is better than nothing

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341 - 06/13/16
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