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Post bankruptcy capital one venture

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Post bankruptcy capital one venture

I recently filed bk capital was included I got approved for a capital quick silver 4 days after discharge 1k I'm wondering should I press the button and try for the venture . Bk discharge 10/14/20 also I've been eyeing the Best Buy store which I burned but I really want them back ..

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Re: Post bankruptcy capital one venture

Congrats on the discharge! have you made sure all your credit reports are reporting correctly ? I personally would just keep your current C1 card and use it and then go for the venture some time down the road. We all want credit cards shortly after discharge but applying for too many you will typically see lower starting limits. Like so many say on here credit building is a marathon not a sprint.

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Re: Post bankruptcy capital one venture

I would not apply for Venture at this time unless you are preapproval.

Venture has a $5k minimum starting limit.


Rebuild started in 2014  -  $100k unsecured credit in 2017  -  $500k unsecured credit in 2024.


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Re: Post bankruptcy capital one venture

I think you should wait a year before you apply for the venture. I also don't think BestBuy (Citi retail) will approve you for a year or two post DC. Kohl's (also Cap1) has a prequal you might be able to get Koh's now. 

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Re: Post bankruptcy capital one venture

Everything is reporting correctly I currently have a credit repair disputing and removing the old accounts that say paid..


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Re: Post bankruptcy capital one venture

I'm going to go on kohls website and see what they say ...

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Re: Post bankruptcy capital one venture

Thank I will hold off for now 

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Re: Post bankruptcy capital one venture

Ditto what other posts have stated.


I'd try the prequal for Discover, possibly accepting their secured card which is known for potential graduation at 7+ months.


If you're a member of a good credit union locally or a national CU like NFCU or PenFed, they're known to like post BK consumers.


Navy has a great secured card that is known for graduation around the 6 month mark and to a CL of 2k...some who have over 2k security deposits have reported matching/higher than 2k unsecured limits when the account graduates. If you want an unsecured card from Navy, their policy (last I checked) was no unsecured credit for 12 months and even then it's a max of 1k until 2 years post discharge...unless, of course, it's like their secured card that graduated where you have a post bk established relationship.


PenFed, on the other hand...we've had a few members post getting approved for their PCR card at 7+ months post BK with 3.5k+ CL's. you have an installment loan reporting? It's ideal for optimal credit mix. If you do, disregard this. If not, read below...

NFCU has a great SSL product and if you do $1,001+ you can do a term of 18 months. The best part is you can pay your loan down to 8.9% (optimal loan balance...or less) to avoid most interest and it also prepays your loan so you'll be building installment credit without worrying about missing a payment. It's a low single-digit interest rate...and again NAVY is great!


There are other installment loan products tailored toward BK consumers like and is decent. is great for numerous reasons, but (as of now) only reports to Experian. With, they verify your identity, loan you $12, you repay @ $1/month. Simple as that. No fees. No hoops.


I hope this gives you some insight on your credit rebuild and immediate future for that...


Best of luck!

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Re: Post bankruptcy capital one venture

I do have a secured loan at my credit union I also have a open sky secured card and au on a card...  just tryna figure out one more card to grab and those marinate on my credit report for a minute ...

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