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Pre-approved for Secured after burning NFCU

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Re: Pre-approved for Secured after burning NFCU

I haven't tried using the pre-qualification website, however, I have cold-apped NFCU twice after burning them in chapter 7. They denied me both times without a credit pull. So it may be worth a shot to just apply.

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Re: Pre-approved for Secured after burning NFCU

They will not approve anyone who burned them. I tried not to include them in my CK13 years ago, but I was told by my lawyer that I had to include all my debts even though I was currently with all my NavyFed products at that time.

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Re: Pre-approved for Secured after burning NFCU

@pgk500 wrote:



any update ? I am also in the similar situation. Burned Nfcu and pre-qualified for secured card. Did you apply or try ?


Sorry for not replying sooner.

After reading the replies here, I decided just to completely abandon the idea of ever getting a CC with NFCU. 
I did what others suggested and kept a small amount (maybe $15) in my PenFed savings and sure enough, one day I got the email with a CC offer. I submitted my application and was approved for Platinum Rewards with $10K CL. I took advantage of the welcome bonus, paid my balance off and have been just letting it sit idle ever since. The rewards are not that great.

I also got a couple of other cards in the past year -Discover with $10,500 CL (the newest) and a Capital One Savor One with $8K CL- bringing the total credit limit up to $47,500 on all my cards. I use the Capital One cards regularly for the insane cash back offers I have been getting with them, but pay them down to $0 for every statement.


I only run a small ($500) balance on the Discover, since it came with the 15 month 0% interest offer. I will keep taking advantage of the 5% Cashback promos, but once the 15 month is up, I don't see myself using it that card that much. 

I've been working two jobs, saving and waiting for the right market/opportunity to purchase a home. I got with PenFed and staying with them with that in mind. 


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