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Preparing to file Chapter 7

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Preparing to file Chapter 7

I pulled both mine and my husband's credit reports in preparation to file but I've come across a potential problem. Several of our credit cards have apparently sold the accounts to debt collectors, but they aren't listed on our reports nor have we received anything from them. The original accounts are all reporting charged off or sold with zero balances. How am I supposed to list those debt collectors? Or will they automatically be IIB? Thankfully (I suppose)  the largest accounts are listed on the reports 

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Re: Preparing to file Chapter 7

If it's truly been sold to a third party (not just collecting on behalf of original creditor) then you'll need to get that info from the original creditor. You should be able to handle this with 1 phone call to each creditor likely speaking to the collections dept. and requesting such info. 


Best of luck!

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