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Proofs of Claim Question Ch. 13

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Proofs of Claim Question Ch. 13

Hey all,


I'm coming up on the deadline for proofs of claim in my Chapter 13 case on January 3rd, and with a week to go there are still 3 unsecured creditors for about $8500 (all credit cards) that have not filed a POC.  What happens if they don't file one?  Does that mean I don't have to pay them?  I'm on a 100% plan, so it wouldn't impact how much the other creditors get.  My plan is confirmed, payments have been coming out of my paycheck for a few months now, and the first payment to my attorney has been paid, so there's not really any other administrative stuff that I'm aware of.



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Re: Proofs of Claim Question Ch. 13

If a creditor doesn't file a proof of claim, that creditor will not get paid in a CH13 bankruptcy. You may want to consider filing on the creditor's behalf if it is something you want to get paid, such as a nondischargable debt like student loan debt.


Otherwise, you luck out and they don't get paid.

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Re: Proofs of Claim Question Ch. 13

Cool, thanks.  The deadline passed and those 3 didn't file claims, so I guess now my plan will end about 9 months early and save me about $8500!

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