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Question about cards involved in Ch. 7

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Re: Question about cards involved in Ch. 7

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You can go the to Smorgasboard section on the site. The instructions to add a siggy is stickied on top. I forget what rank you have to be until you can add the siggy. Its listed there. Enjoy your cards.

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Re: Question about cards involved in Ch. 7



I actually had a Cap1 Buypower ($500), Fingerhut ($2,200), Wells Fargo Secured ($300) all with $0 balance when I filed. My lawyer insisted that they all had to be included on the petition. I had the accounts for years. They were all in perfect standing, never a late payment. I was very disappointed to see them go. His reasoning was that if I used any of them, it would be grounds for rejecting my petition. He followed up with telling me that not including them could also be considered attempting to hide something. I didn't need any additional scrutiny I was very close to the income cut off for Ch 7 in California. If they included my raise that I had just received or stock that was about to vest, I would have been over. Hopefully, it was all for the best and everything works out for you too.   

Ch 7 Discharge 10/15/2018

Started 10/18: Eq Fico 9 ???, Ex Fico 9 620, Tu Fico 8 511
Current 8/3: Eq Fico 9 736, Ex Fico 9 717, Tu Fico 9 704 Fico 8 655

Cap1 Plat PC to QS 1.5k, Discover it Chrome Secured $500, NFCU GoRewards 2k (was Secured nRewards $500), Share Loan 1k (paid down to 8% due 2/2020), VentureOne 1k, NFCU CLOC 1k, OllO Optimum $800
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