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Question about late payments reported along with Chapter 7


Question about late payments reported along with Chapter 7

I am filing for Chapter 7 this week and I am so sick about having no choice to do so especially with a current FICO score of 786.I went through credit counseling from CCCS in my city and the result was in my situation I have no choice but to file Chapter 7.   I am going to reaffirm my mortgage as I will be able to make the payments no problem after filing and I want the mortgage payment to be reported as paid as agreed.  I am going to surrender my car lease as I can't drive anymore.  I am going to have a credit card and a non secured loan discharged.  My question is I will be between 2-3 weeks late on everything except the mortgage which I just paid and I wanted to know if any of the other creditors can or do report a late payment before 30 days past due.  My lawyer said at this point don't worry about it because with the Chapter 7 it won't matter anyway.  Well it matters to me.  I have know some people in the past who had late charges along with the bankruptcy and as time went on they said if they did not have the late charges it might have helped with their FICO score.  Can this be true?  I am so heartbroken I have to file and I want my score to recover as quickly as it can and I want to try to refinance my 5.5% mortgage about 4 years from now.   


Thank you all for your time.

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