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Question about use of CC before filing

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Question about use of CC before filing

Have free consultation coming up and filling out a questionnaire. One question is if you charged more than $600 on any credit card in past 6 months. I last charged on AmEx Platinum on Sept 11th. Charging privileges were suspended after that date and unable to use. So six months will be March 11. Do you think I will have to wait until at least March 11 to file? Is that a standard question the BK court will ask about? I assume it’s to make sure the card wasn’t run up just before filing. AmEx is suing me (had other cards with them) and th court date is set for April 4. I have to file before then I assume in order to stop the lawsuit. 

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Re: Question about use of CC before filing

HOW Much was the Amex Charge?         Have your bankrucpty attorney reach out to the office suing you for amex and informally tell them your getting ready to file... they will most likely extend the file date / dismiss all together.    

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Re: Question about use of CC before filing

About $2500 on Platinum and $1200 on Gold which were my normal monthly charges. So they can’t say I ran them up then quit paying. No single large purchases.
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Re: Question about use of CC before filing

My attorney told me regular usage for living expenses were ok

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Re: Question about use of CC before filing

I think they are asking if there any single charges over $600.  Normal living expenses are okay.  They are just making sure you didn't go buy a Rolex and a MacBook and then file.  

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