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Question on Chapter 13

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Question on Chapter 13

I filed Chapter 13 in January 2008.  I filed because I was without employment for several months and incurred alot of credit card debt.  During my divorce I filed for Chapter 7 in 2004.


When I filed Chapter 13 in 08, the Trustee informed me that I will not get a discharge for my unsecured debt at the end of the chapter 13 because the time between the two was not long enough.  My attorney should have advised me of this, which would have meant I could have waited a couple of months and gotten the discharge. 


Now I am looking at going through all of this to not get a discharge for the unsecured debt.  The question I have is will these creditors immediately come after me. What can I do to protect myself.  I can't possibly pay off the unsecured debt.



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