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Question on mortgage after bankruptcy 7 discharge and ride-through - Please

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Question on mortgage after bankruptcy 7 discharge and ride-through - Please

Good morning forums -

I am hoing someone in these forums has experienced, or is an expert, on the issue / question I have - My wife and I had to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in April 2017 - We have been discharged since July 26 2017. We kept our home in the bankruptcy and did not reaffirm (CT does not reaffirm per my lawyer) so essentially were are doing a ride-through - Staying in the home and continuing to pay the mortgage, although there is no more reporting of our payments on our credit report any longer for the home (good or bad) . In 3 years we want to move out and buy a larger home for our growing family.


My question - Unfortunately this month we were 33 days late on the mortgage - It will not show up on our credit report as a late because it was discharged in the bankruptcy, but when we go for a mortgage in a little over 2 years will this hurt us if the mortgage underwriters contact our current lender for a payment history because the credit report doesnt show anything and see that over 2 years ago we were 33 days late? Or, will they only ask for a couple years history from current lender, or do not they not ask at all because it was discharged?


Please, any insight or information would be greatly appreciated.




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