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Questions in regards to Credit Report post discharge

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Questions in regards to Credit Report post discharge

Hi All,

I have been going through all credit reports weekly recently since myannualcreditreport gives you access weekly right now due to covid. I have found some inconsistencies in reporting from between each of the CRAs because of how they report. Can someone please help me understand exactly what it is I should make sure is accurate on each CRA and each account?


On a recent dispute with TU, they did update some of the things I asked to update but it still seems wrong?

- Pay status says "Account Included in Bankruptcy"

- Date closed is wrong because it was even before I filed for Ch7

- Remarks say Ch7 - Closed by credit grantor

- The only balance items I see are 'High Balance' and 'Credit Limit' - both of which are NOT 0s


I was under impression it should say 0 and IIB - but it doesnt quite say that. Thank you for any and all help 

C7 Filed: 5/17/19
341: 7/1/19
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Re: Questions in regards to Credit Report post discharge

Old closed accounts will say IIB. Its a weird thing. Doesnt mean much. But all accounts should show IIB and $0 balance. It is a violation to list any balance after DC. Send a copy of your schedule (list of creditors that were in your BK) and a copy of your DC document to the CRA's certified mail return reciept. If they dont clear things up. The CFPB time for a complaint. Most lawyers can the door on people once their job is done. But of you have a decent lawyer. They can send a letter to fix it or face a $1000 fine plus court/attorney fees.

Homeowner since Sept 2020. My posts are JMHO. My siggy is not to brag. Just sharing my experiences after BK from learning here from rebuild to recovery from the @ 540's.
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