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Reaffirmation signed, can I change my mind

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Reaffirmation signed, can I change my mind

Hello all, I'm about 3 weeks out from a hopeful DC. I signed a reaffirmation on 2 cars and letting 1 go. 


The more and more I think, maybe it would be best to let 1 of the cars go. So instead of having 2 cars in my name I just have 1 and by wife has hers. Wife isn't included in BK. 


I haven't asked by attorney yet as I don't want to get too ahead of myself. So asking the forum. 


Have I already shot myself in the foot by reaffirming the loan? Will the Trustee ask a ton of questions why, or even care? Will this be a red flag as I'm so close to the end?


Thanks all!

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Re: Reaffirmation signed, can I change my mind

Yes. You can cancel (or “rescind”) your reaffirmation agreement, even if a judge has already approved it. But there is a time limit either from the date of agreement or discharge date. So get your attorney to file for you if it's not over the time limit.

Discharge Date: 7/24/2018

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