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Reaffirmed WF car loan reporting issues

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Reaffirmed WF car loan reporting issues

I filled Chapter 7 back in Dec 2020. I was discharged in March 2021. I reaffirmed my auto loan with Wells Fargo but they have not reported to any credit bureau since November 2020. Also, last week said loan was competely removed from the bureaus. 

After discharge I figured I would give them a couple of months to get caught up but nothing has happened so I called them after 2 months had passed to see why they were not reporting my payments anymore and I was advised by an agent that because of the BK they had supressed all account info and that they were going to remove the supression from the account. 3 weeks later, the account is not even showing on any reports anymore.


Has anyone had issues with Wells Fargo reporting after discharge? If so, how did you resolve it? 

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Re: Reaffirmed WF car loan reporting issues

My CH7 bk was sept of 19.  I agree that Wells wont report a reaffirmed car loan voluntarily or regularly.  I call quarterly, make a request to have it reported off cycle, call back a week later and ask the status of the request, and sometimes have had to make a third call insisting that they report it - but I have been successful in getting these "special requests" thru.  SO at least I have intermittent reports showing the balance is dropping.  I wouldnt call it "resolved", but it at least it is sort of managed. 

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