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Rebuilding after Chap 7

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Rebuilding after Chap 7

Hello all,


So I have been discharged from my Chapter 7 BK for a little over 10 month now (Discharged 4/2017) and I am in the process of trying to rebuild my credit so that I can purchase a home next year. So far I have managed to get my score to about 630+ (per credit check total) on all three credit reporting agencies. As far as credit goes, I have 2 Capital One cards; Platinum @ $2700 CL, Venture @ $2,000 CL, and Discover IT @ $2,000 CL. My student loans are still in deferment and I am going back to school so I dont have to pay those. So my question is what are my next step? I really want to be prepared to buy a home next year.

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Re: Rebuilding after Chap 7

You are in a good position! Getting up to 630s x-board is good! 

I would say chill. Let things age.  I know it's hard. :-) But you will continue rising if you continue managing your credit responsibly.


You may want to head to the home loan/mortgage forum for more specific advice. I know you are a year out, but this is exactly the right time to start planning. You don't want to be apping for anything within a certain amount of time of mortgage app. And there are other considerations. Consult with them too, they are knowledgeable on this stuff. 

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Re: Rebuilding after Chap 7

Have to agree with Cap here! If you main goal is a house, you already have the needed trade lines. I’d work on building a budget and a nice down payment / emergency fund. Your student loans will still factor into DTI on a mortgage app, be prepared.
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