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Rebuilding during CH13

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Rebuilding during CH13

New to the board and I'm doing a lot of reading.  I see that most BKs are CH 7.  I filed CH13 in MAR 2014 and still have a way to go but would like to start rebuilding before discharge.  I've opened up secured cards with OpenSky and FNBO.  I've also opened secured loans with Penfed and two local credit unions.  I make sure all are automatically paid to avoid lates.  My scores have steadily improved from the mid 500s to now, but recently to a hit due to accounts added as collections that were IIB (on TU and EQ).  Right now my FICO 08 scores are EQ 659, EX 635, TU 612 (bad hit with wife's collection account).  I'd like to add one more credit card and have it age while I'm awaiting discharge.  I received a pre- approval from CreditOne (unsecured) but sounds like most suggest staying clear of them.  My other considerations are secured cards by Discover and BOA as those can convert to unsecured (my FNBO will convert but not OpenSky).  I expect my EX and TU to recover to 650s once those erroneous CO accounts are removed.  I guess common sense suggests I should wait for that to happen before applying?  I didn't consider CAP1 because I IIB which still shows.  Any suggestions going forward would be appreciated.


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Re: Rebuilding during CH13

Discover, or a CU card of your choosing (depending on eligibility) :


BOA is not terribly BK friendly. You have to be quite a ways post-discharge, and you are still pending. I would not attempt with them.


Try Discover's prequal site. If you get a specific APR, you're in. Or a small range. If it's a large range, then you will probably be denied. Don't you have to get new CCs approved when under Bk13?


Definitely check out the list as there are more options than you might think.

Ch7 discharged 10/2017. Pre-file FICOs high 400s.
04/2018 EX 644; EQ 670; TU 648
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Re: Rebuilding during CH13

Thank you capabk,


I was tempted to try BOA, but I'll take your advice.  I did the prequal on Discover and it suggested another (unsecured card) but I feel more comfortable trying for the secured.  My attorney advised that secured cards were fine.  Later I'll try NFCU and that will be more than enough for for me.  I believe adding these and gaining some history should have be in good shape approaching discharge.  Thanks again for the advice 

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