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Rebuilding from Chapter 7 Journey

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Rebuilding from Chapter 7 Journey

Long time lurker, first actual post. Just wanted to document my journey as most others do. This forum is such a helpful place full of resources so hopefully I can pay it forward this way.

Chapter 7 filed Feb 7 —didnt document my pre-bankruptcy scores.
341 meeting Mar. 13

Burned: Cap1 x2, SYNCB CareCredit, Amazon, Comm. Forever21, Barclays Apple.
Filing included several medical bills
Reaffirmed Auto with HMF because my car is only 2yrs old and had zero miles with 9% interest, currently has 20k bal. but I do want to refi. later but couldnt afford to be without my car for now. I also have about 50k in student loans.

My goal is to buy a home once eligible. So I want to get all scores over 700 by that time AND pay to aggressively pay off my car.

Current FAKO Scores: TU 578 EQ 572 EX 618
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Re: Rebuilding from Chapter 7 Journey

Forgot to mention I have a couple of credit unions
Associated CU—checking/savings
NFCU—savings only from 2012, paid CO secured card long before BK BUT found out there was a negative checking included that I clearly forgot about years ago, called and was told to call back after discharge to pay and *possibly* do more business again. Currently have online access with ‘red banner of de***’ so we will see how it goes lol
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Re: Rebuilding from Chapter 7 Journey

Capital One is very forgiving.

Check Merrick Bank also for prequal.


Rebuild started in 2014  -  $100k+ unsecured credit in 2017  -  $250k+ unsecured credit in 2019.


10% Rotating - Discover                    5%-20% - Amazon & Lowes                3-6% Groceries - NFCU & Amex Preferred
3-5% Gas - NFCU & Ducks Unl         4% Dining & Entertain - Savor            3% Travel & Hotels - Flagship, Propel, & Uber
2% Everything Else - Flagship          1% Cancer Charity - Fifth Third          0% Finance Promos - Venture & QuickSilver

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Re: Rebuilding from Chapter 7 Journey

I am officially 12 days away from DC! I did do a prequal for Credit One last month and went ahead and pulled the trigger. I know its frowned upon, but im eager to begin my rebuild. Was approved $400 CL, reported 5 days after opening to all three bureaus. Expecting my HMF auto loan to start back reporting on 5/7 so I will pull my scores after DC to see where I stand and start scrubbing my reports.
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Re: Rebuilding from Chapter 7 Journey

Hey Keiashine,


My D/C is on the 13th as well. I also just got a Credit One last month which has bumped my score up along with the self-lender and Fingerhut I got. I'm turning my car in because I was going to have to get a new anyway and didn't want the leftover added to the new loan. Once D/C I'll try for a better card with my credit unions, and that'll be my three I need till I'm ready to let go of Credit One. With those and the loans I should be good and on my way to being able to buy a house when the two years is up.


-Ash B.


Ch.7 Filed - 2/1/2019; Discharged - 5/17/19
Current Score: Eq 636, Trans 616, Ex 616
Current Cards: CreditOne - $300, Fingerhut - $300, Ollo - $300
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Re: Rebuilding from Chapter 7 Journey

@Keiashine -


Updates please! Thank you for your post, I'm just starting the process... I can't wait for it to be over!!


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Re: Rebuilding from Chapter 7 Journey

Finally got my DC today 5/20! My case is set to close on 6/7 and I am now able to exhale. My next step is to repull my scores in 7 days via Experian. I think all of my accounts already show IIB with no balances, I have been working on disputes for a month & Im almost certain my reports will update to show DC within the next few days. I will monitor for that closely. I plan to follow the 700 in 24 mths thread so my next app will be Cap1 once I show a prequal. offer on their website.
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Re: Rebuilding from Chapter 7 Journey

@Keiashine - Congratulations! The Best Is Yet To Come

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Re: Rebuilding from Chapter 7 Journey

For the posters who got the Credit One cards. Please no more apps until after 30 days past your DC. Your score just might go up as most do because your out of debt. Then it could be a better chance at a unsecured card like Cap1. Make sure everything states IIB and 0 balance before the next move. There's no hurry to get back into the game. Either way its gonna take a couple yrs to get back some of what was lost. Chill and let the BK smoke clear. Good Luck!

My posts are JMHO. I DO NOT claim to be a FICO expert. Just sharing my experiences from rebuild to recovery after BK DC. My siggy is not to brag at all. Just to show fellow members what can be accomplished when you do it right and play the FICO Credit Game.
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Re: Rebuilding from Chapter 7 Journey

Before the finger shakers get started. I want to add that all advice and constructive criticism is welcomed on my thread. Its a learning process.
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