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Reopening Chapter 13

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Reopening Chapter 13

I have a question and maybe can get some help with the matter. I purchased a home in 2001 and the loan come in at  $82000.00. The Appraisal was at $ 79,0000. I filed a Chapter 13 in 2005 and it was completed in 2012. I had arrears of late mortgage payments included in the plan and kept up the plan and mortgage payments to the conclusion. I also had a second mortgage lien wiped out. Back in 2005, an appraiser for the court valued the home at the time in 2005 to be no more then $38500.00 in value.

Recently,  saw a civil attorney who is looking at the possible suit against the Primary Lien holder and the current lien holder for having an inflated price. He is now wanting me to meet again  old Chapter 13 attorney to see if  he can take some of the current loan and move it as unsecured due to the over inflated original and cutting the monthly payments to more affordable rated under Chapter 13. Any ideas from forum? Thank you.

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