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Responding to bankruptcy questions

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Responding to bankruptcy questions

I am just asking anyone that reasponds to please read the question or situation carefully. I just reposted a reply in time frame since the filing of a chaper 13 bankrupcty has anyone noticed increases to their fico scores? Everyone is aware that you can not obtain new credit without permission. When it speciifcally asks about changes due to time periods that is all that is being asked.

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Re: Responding to bankruptcy questions

I read the thread you started about the impact of time on your Ch 13. 


The reality is this:  this is a public forum and the people that post are basing their answers on their experiences. You may receive information you don't want to read (eg: waiting until discharge) but the reponders answered your question based on their own experience. Keep your responses friendly and supportive. It is possible that no one has the answer you want to hear. 

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