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Same Account reporting two times on report


Same Account reporting two times on report

Can some explain to me what is going on with this account reporting two times. The account Target was included in a BK in 12/2006 and it showed up on my April 23 2013 Equifax report as Target National Bank Items As of Dated reported 2/01/2008 , Date of first Delinquency 6/2006  Date of Major Del. First Reported 01/2007 than the new reporting TD Bank USA/Target Credit Items As of Date Reported 4/19/2012, Date of First Delinquency 12/2006, Date  Major Del. First Reported 04/2013.  Can they report twice like this since this was included in BK in 12/2006. Please help me.

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Re: Same Account reporting two times on report

No, they can't report the same account twice. That happened to me about 3 months ago and I contacted the EQ customer service and disputed. It did fall off but I have hear that sometimes it wouldn't but you just have to contact the bankruptcy dept of Target and they will help out HOPEFULLY you will only need to disputed the first and it will fall off. Hope this helps!

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