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Should I File Chapter 7 Bankrupcy for credit purposes?

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Should I File Chapter 7 Bankrupcy for credit purposes?

Im trying to work on my cedit but i have alot of medical,judgments, collections and all. I dont have any mortgages or im not about to lose a car or anything. i just have alot of bad credit on my credit report and they are not about to fall off. Is it a good thing to file chapter 7 to get a quick start on rebuilding credit???

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Re: Should I File Chapter 7 Bankrupcy for credit purposes?

It's what I did.


I had almost $30K in medical debt, $3K from a repossession that I was upside in with a too high interest rate, and my student loans.  All this after paying off $80K in medical debt and student loans (mostly medical debt).


It was a very good decision.  At the rate I was going it would have been another 3 years before I could even consider rebuilding, and if anything further catastrophic happened I had no way to plan for it (ex had 3 cancers, daughter had cancer in 2015).


Now, I'm already working on saving, rebuilding my credit, not letting any of my medical bills get behind (gosh that's a lot of leg work, one payment got lost and it's been months trying to sort that out, several other payments returned for bad addresses, constantly calling and trying to work through all of this to prevent collections activity.)  It's all worth it, I'm watching improvements on my credit report already.

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