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Should I trim some fat or keep things as is while I continue rebuilding?

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Should I trim some fat or keep things as is while I continue rebuilding?

Hey yall, I'm about 26 months post DC, and I've been pretty aggressive with my rebuild (See cards in siggy). I cold apped last night on a whim for the Navy GoRewards. Got the 24hr review message, but woke up to a "Your Approved!" text and when I called, the rep confirmed 10.24% and a SL of $25,000!! Blew my mind, (almost swerved on the road in excitement), but I kept my cool! With this approval and the Paypal Cash MC i was approved for at the end of the year, I'm now at $131k in total limits and 3% utilz. I couldn't have ever imagined being at this point just over 2 years post, and truly, I have these boards and you good people to thank for your guidance.
Now that I'm at this point, I feel like its time to cut back and trim things up for the long haul. I plan to stay in the garden until the INQ made last night falls off so... Feb 2020. The only card I really still "want" is the Amex Delta Gold, which I know I have to wait until 5yr1 mo from filing. With that said, I have about some cards on my profile that I'm questioning if I should keep and sock drawer them or go ahead and close them so that I can concentrate on maintaining and building what I want to live with long term.
Cards (The ones with * are the main ones on my "trim" list)
Sams Club & *Walmart: I apped and got these in hopes that they would turn into the MC. Both are still store cards, and While the Sam's card loves me, $8,500 limit, the Walmart card refuses to give me a CLI, so i've been stuck at $3,500. I'm thinking of closing the Walmart card since the Sam's card can be used at both. Also I get gas at Sams weekly.
Overstock: SCT $5,700 . So far I've used it only to keep active. I hope to use it for decorating purchases in the future, but who knows when that day will come.
*Express: SCT. $3,200. This was the first card that I tried the SCT with, I've used it only for maintaining activity. I've only recently been able to fit things from here so it could get more use, but no guarantee. 
*Fullbeauty: SCT. $3,050. I've only used it to keep active. CLIs through Luv Button. I don't foresee it getting much use going forward. 
Credit Union Visa: $2,500. I was offered this card back in September as a promo from my local CU. It was a SP only w/12.00%APR. CU will not raise limit w/o HP.
*Ulta: $1,900. I was offered this card via promo when it first came out. SP only. Limit has increased via luv button, but not as quickly as others. I've only use it to keep active. 
*Target: $1,300. I shop at Target for deals maybe once/mo. I still have a Target Debit, so I have a way to get the 5%, but sometime's it's nice to have a little cushion to make the payments w/o it coming out of my checking right away. Like others, Target has increased the limit, but only when I've carried a balance...sigh.
NY& Co: $3,500. On of my oldest cards and it stayed open through the BK. I only use it to maintain activity. Wasn't able to shop for clothes here for a longtime, but can now fit things. Highly likely that I woud shop here more frequently in the future. Have hesitated closing due to age.
Lane Bryant: $3,550. My oldest card, got it the day I graduated highschool, and it also stayed open through BK. I use it sparingly through the year but feel I will use it minimally going forward. Have hesitated closing due to age.
Any thoughts/opinions you all can share would be appreciated!
Committed to the garden until 10/09/2020!
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Re: Should I trim some fat or keep things as is while I continue rebuilding?

Typically the rule is: no AF, keep open. 

If you regularly shop at the store, I would keep open. 

However, if your ONLY shopping at the store to keep the card active (buying things you normally would not buy), I would close it. 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Should I trim some fat or keep things as is while I continue rebuilding?

How are you on HPs? I would say - hear me out - close ALL those retail cards except Sam's and ask for a CLI on the CU card. Yes, I did read the details on all of them, and none of them are offering you much value. Keep CU visa and Sam's as well as Navy, obvs. You will also still have the others in your sig on your side, e.g. Discover, Cap1, Amazon so it's not like you'd be dropping below 5 or 3.


If you're nervous, you can go in tiers. Start with Overstock, Ulta, Fullbeauty. 


Full disclosure: I like to keep my wallet on the thinner side, so that's my bias. If you prefer to keep around a retail card or two, it's totally your decision, but since you asked for advice, that's mine Smiley Happy

Ch7 discharged 10/2017. Pre-file FICOs high 400s.
04/2018 EX 644; EQ 670; TU 648
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Re: Should I trim some fat or keep things as is while I continue rebuilding?

A number of people on these forums knock the Comenity SCT cards. When I was in my rebuilding stage I applied for several of the cards. Overstock started me off at $10K (now $10.8K). Sportsmans Visa was $9K (now $13.5K). Fuel Rewards MC was $6K (now $9K. Yes, I know it will soon close). The total CL for my six Comenity CC's are $42.3K. That is out of my total CL of $156.5K. FWIW: The A&F CC was to show loyalty to my daughter who was working at its HQ at the time. Having these "Toy Cards" doesn't appear to have hurt my getting approval for Discover It (now at $22.1K), AmEx (now $22.5K), Citi (now $12.4K), US Bank (now $6K), Citi AA ($6K), Barclay ($5K), and last week Chase ($15.7K, and I had burned them several years ago and I was at 5/24). Throw in a Visa and a MC from Cap1 (both stuck at $2.5K) and a few other store cards which offer me excellent discounts or dollars off when I signed up (Who is going to turn down $75.00 at Home Depot for getting approved?) I have turned down pre-approval for a several AmEx CC's (too cheap to pay AF), Citi (not paying an AF), 5/3, Key Bank, PNC, and Marvel MC. I didn't see anything being offered that I thought was worth anything. My utilization is below 3% (Mostly on one 0% APR until next year CC). Scores upper 700's to over 800 depending on the source. HH's= 7, TU:3, EXP:3 and Equ:2. No mortgage, one new car loan that I pay $5.00 a month (owe approx $100) on to keep it open and not pay much in interest (from the original $13K financed )Gardening until two HH's are removed in August. With all of my CC's reporting on time payments for the past two and a half years my score has risen over 150 points (between 260 to 300 points increase since 12/13). I say, Thank you Comenity!

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