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Six months post BK7 data points

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Six months post BK7 data points

EX 671 TU 655 EQ 692

Major Credit Cards
Cap 1 platinum 4000
Disc (secured) 200
Barclays apple -1500

Store cards
Target 300
Khols 300
Overstock 250
Children’s place 500

Cap 1 auto finance car 25K @4.91

I got denied for quite a few things along the way, but I have everything I need as far as credit. I don’t carry balances anymore and run about 4K through my cards monthly.

I’d like to buy a house but I have to wait 2 years. I’m going to focus on gardening now saving and staying out of debt.

Good luck to everyone!!


Chap7 Bk filed 08nov17
341 05Dec17 no asset
Renter, Did not reaffirm car with 32k balance
Discharge 06Feb18

Before filing I had the following
Boa -24000
Boa- 3200
Citi 5200
Amex 9200
Msdfcu 21500
Chase 5800
Lending club 13000
Nwfcu (car) 32000
Navient (not IIB) 800- continued payments through BK
First mark student loan (not IIB ) 8200-continued payments during BK

Pre-Bk my scores were low 600s (chase EQ fico was 620, I believe). Never paid anything late
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Re: Six months post BK7 data points

Great Job! You are in the right direction. Smiley Wink

Amex Platinum NSPL || Amex Everyday $2k || Amex BonVoy $10k || Amex HH Surpass $16k|| Aviator AA $7.6K || Citi AA $7.2K || Citi Costco $5.5K || NFCU CashReward $26K || Blispay $5K || Discover $12.8K || Paypal Credit $7.6K || VS card $4.6|| Walmart store $8.5K
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Re: Six months post BK7 data points

Great job
Ch7 discharge 7/7/18
Starting Fico Equifax 580 TransUnion 578 Experian 589

CreditOne $400SL
Langley federal credit union $500SL
Langley federal credit rebuild loan $600
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Re: Six months post BK7 data points

Im looking to get in with penfed in the future. What was your credit score with them when you applied? and how long after your discharge did you apply? Auto approval? or recon? 


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Re: Six months post BK7 data points

I applied for penfed a few weeks post discharge after my EQ FICO 9 was over 650. I was lucky that my credit bounced back because of one of my student loans still reporting positive. I was told 650 EQ 9 their minimum requirement. I had to do a recon after a denial initially and submit income verification
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Re: Six months post BK7 data points

Thank you. I will wait til my score is in that range before I apply. 

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Re: Six months post BK7 data points

Thanks, Hotter!  Please continue to keep us updated through your post BK journey as it is an inspiration to those of us going through the same situation.


I would be curious to know more details about how/when you got your accounts (score at the time, iib'd, declines and reason for such, etc.). My discharge date is 9/5 and I too want to buy a house in 2 years. I'd love to get to where you are after only 6 months!  It would be great to have a clear path laid out. 

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Re: Six months post BK7 data points

I’ll see what I can glean from my reports.

In Jan (scores 538 515 560 ) I applied for
auto loan- cap 1 declined
penfed membership- hard pull and approved for membership only (I didn’t apply for anything else)

In Feb (626 580 599) like the day I was discharged I applied for
Cap 1 auto- approved for up to 30k @4.91
Discover Secured-approved
Wells Fargo auto - approved for something in the teens APR wise
Digital Federal CU auto loan-declined
Barclays apple- declined
PENFED again, auto declined but I called back for another hard pull because my scores needed to be refreshed, approved for 5K credit card and 500 Line of credit with the checking account

In April (635 618 657) I applied for
Target- approved
Kohls- approved

In May my 10 year old student loan with perfect payment history started to report again

In June (679 651 671) applied for
Barclays apple- approved

In July (692 658 671) I applied for
Barclays Uber- declined
Cap 1 gave me a CLI from 1K to 4K

In August i applied for a
sync home card-declined
Macy’s card- declined

I’m looking to switch my cap 1 from platinum to a rewards card hopefully in the next few months. I really hate using it because penfed and discover have me spoiled with cash back.

I’m also looking forward to my discover to become unsecured in the next few months and hopefully getting a decent CLI so I can finish up my matching cash back year BIG!
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Re: Six months post BK7 data points

Wow thank you so much for the info! It's interesting that your scores improved so much from Jan to Feb. I suppose that is from the negative history getting taken off for your iib accounts. My student loan stopped reporting and that knocked me down 100 points so I'll be happy when that resumes after discharge.

Anyhow, thanks for all the info...look forward to the updates!
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Re: Six months post BK7 data points

I became a PenFed member in 2011, but never used anything from them. After discharge, I applied because my Auto9 was 634, got approved for 10.5/72 months. I also have a savings secured loan for $250 off my savings account through them too. Their customer service is great! I can't wait to get in with them on a credit card.
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