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Starting Over! Again!

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Starting Over! Again!

Hi All,

I filed my Chapter 13 in 08/2016. This was only going to be a temporary fix to get me relocated and in a better position to find another vehicle. Well, as of 01/19/2018 I was dismissed and immediately filed Chapter 7. I honestly am scared and happy at the same time. My 341 is 2/26/2018 and my expected discharge is 4/2018. My current vehicle is financed with World Omni. My attorney and I decided we would see what terms they offered on a reaffirmation agreement to see if I was going to keep or let it go. It’s a 2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid. Has anyone had any luck on a good reaffirmation from World Omni?

I’m blessed to be able to be here for help and advice. I thank everyone in advance for any suggestions and advice for me.
Chapter 7 Filed 1/19/2018
Chapter 7 Discharge 4/30/2018
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