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Student Loans Removed in Chapter 7?

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Student Loans Removed in Chapter 7?

Through my employer I have GE Money credit monitoring.  I just got my quarterly report.  On there, under my student loans, it states, IIB.  Has this ever happend to anyone else? Nothing has been discharged yet, so I was surprised to even see anything from creditors on there.


Here is the one to say removed: of course there are 4 of these with different amounts.



   AES/PHEAA/         AES/PHEAA    Ownership: Individual     Date Status Reported:      Date Open:      Account Status: At least 120 days or more tha     Balance Amount: $1882     Date Paid:      Comments: Student loan assigned to government. Collection account 



Then there is this:


New Accounts ("AES/PHEAA", "", "REVOLVING")

     AES/PHEAA -      REVOLVING    wrAccountData(", "", "Individual", "Included in Bankruptcy", " ", " ", "03-2009", "", "", "Current", "", "Bankruptcy Chapter 7. Student loan")    Account Number:     High Limit:      Ownership: Individual    Account Status: Included in Bankruptcy     Date Open:     Prior Delinquency      Balance Date: 03-2009    Past Due Amount:      Balance Amount:     Account History Current     Monthly Payment:     Comments: Bankruptcy Chapter 7. Student loan 



What does this mean? Are they not going to have to be paid back?

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Re: Student Loans Removed in Chapter 7?

Student Loans are exempted from BK, so if this is an SL you won't get it discharged.  Have you spoken to your BK attorney on this?


The first entry says "assigned to government" which appears to mean it was government guaranteed.  The government will come after the money, will file a lien on your CR and will attach tax refunds, etc.

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Re: Student Loans Removed in Chapter 7?

Typically, when you file BK, your student loans go into forebearance. You are protected  by the automatic stay of the BK, thus the IIB notation.


Once you are discharged, you will need to begin paying again on the SLs, but my guess is, they will not accept any payment until after your discharge. They do not want to be perceived as attempting to collect any debt from you while your BK is active.



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